Nice talking with you.

His speech met with enthusiastic applause.

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That branch is affiliated to the miners' union.

I really appreciate this.



I want to get back to Boston.

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It's a problem.

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I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard you say that.


I had to wait more than three hours.

She's done it before.

I wake up late on Sundays, and I wake up early from Monday to Saturday.


There wasn't really anything I wanted to say.

I just happened to be there at the same time as Rodger.

Today, I am feeling a lot better.

Oh, that's a shame.

I don't like Paula as much as I used to.

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Patrick was very dedicated.

You will soon be able to ski well.

Tell him I said goodbye.

Henry found Pedro's secret diary.

I pass by Jarvis's house on my way to and from school.

I'm so much older than you are.

We're going back to the ship.

I had hardly started to work when it began to rain.

You can live with me.


Seen from the plane, the islands were very pretty.

His theory is based on careful research.

Our TV is out of order.

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There wasn't a living soul as far as the eye could see.

The introduction of the new tax is expected to affect the entire economy.

We could go together.

Nils is a man of absolute sincerity.

The Apollo program greatly advanced our knowledge of space.

If you put your best foot forward, you will succeed.

Maarten shot us.

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You should be able to walk in a few days.

Why do you have diarrhea?

He responded by giving the "OK" gesture.

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I speak French a little.

These gifts are for you.

I'd like to feel how your lips taste.


Can I use this credit card internationally?


I come from a humble background.


Dori is showing signs of severe depression.


The charity is named after a man who gave away some two billion yen.

Cole suffered a severe form of amnesia.

Were it not for air, no creatures could live.

He's just arrived.

The child is lonesome for its mother.

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Sassan expressed similar concerns.

A fire broke out near my house.

Do you need any help?


It was deceptive.

Every day he says something different.

Representatives made a major breakthrough in the trade talks.

Dale and Julia were dating.

It's wrong to tell lies.

We could walk.

Isidore wanted to know who Vice had been dating.


We're not strangers.


I have no strong opinion about the matter, so whatever the majority thinks is good is OK with me.

I haven't eaten yet.

The new price structure will kick in at the beginning of next financial year.

She is proud of being beautiful.

There is some milk in the fridge.

I saw Harry a short time ago.

Mystery novels are loved by a lot of people.

I thought maybe you'd changed your mind about going to Boston.

I've cut my finger.

The research cast new light on the issue.

I went to bed early because I was too tired.

Are you exaggerating?

They fought for the sake of their country.

When I looked at her, she smiled at me.

Ask Tigger to attend today's meeting.

The gate admits to the garden.

What did you take?

The little girl, deeply moved by the old man's pitiful story, burst into tears.

Jinny will want to know more.

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Grades are important, but they are not everything.


Ozan looked at Lester.


Is she still angry?


I want to microwave a frozen food.

Spencer didn't have enough money to go home by bus.

We took him to the hospital right away.

The colonists bartered with the natives for fur.

You probably wouldn't even recognize Malaclypse if you saw him now.

I am dying to be with you.

Mike didn't take part in yesterday's practice.

I want to bring Suyog here.

Murph is a hopeless idiot.


You made it easy.

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Were you and Charley together for a long time?


Will you please come to my party?

What's the name of the folk song that Mr. Tsugi sang in that TV drama?

Once and for all, let's get this over with.

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I met him at the airport.

John has one kid.

What were you dreaming about?


Insurers are now required to cover a number of recommended preventive services, such as cancer, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, without additional cost sharing such as copays or deductibles.


This is the first time that I am managing a company.


I'll ask Boyce to wait.

The economy is deeply connected to politics.

Who would know that?

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Al Capone was finally sent away for tax evasion.

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I don't know Andre's full name.

He won't come if it rains.

When spring comes, they dig up the fields and plant seeds.

He is always giving presents to his wife.

"Are you sure it's a human bone?", said Leora while putting his shoes back on.

Could I have a second with Gregg?

If I may speak freely, this ad is horrible.

I'm going to give you one last chance.

He's attracted to Asian women.

Hon baked some cookies.

This is a very important meeting.

Takeuchi is going through a rough time.

What you said made me mad.

Stacey examined it carefully.

Mr. Wang learnt German because he wanted to go to Germany.

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That company puts out a magazine, doesn't it?

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He replied with promptness and courtesy.

This magazine is widely read.

You must be very careful with this.


I'm done with that.

If triangles had a god, he would have three sides.

I can't stand his behavior anymore.

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I've been bitten by mosquitos all over my arm.

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Michel doesn't think that's going to happen.


It's not fake.

Are you throwing me out?

Tim's wife insisted on his taking her to Paris.


I appreciate your feelings.

It may sound strange, but what he said is true.

We are expecting an addition to our family.

I love secrets.

Am I the only one that feels this way?


This is the best movie I've ever seen.

We didn't get much done today, did we?

She did her homework.

What time is it now in San Francisco?

Many of the traditional wooden houses are ablaze.

Vijay is my stepdad.

I found the pencil I lost.

Dan's backpack was a few feet away from the road.

Have you ever driven a van?

Skeeter was hospitalized for 13 days.

I want time.


What's your age?

They walked outside.

The thematic and motivic works of Mozart and Schubert are basically quite similar.

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Raymond walked down the street toward the church.

Marcos told me he was planning to retire next year.

We provided them with money and clothes.

Her insistence was right. She did not need to feel ashamed.

A person with average intelligence would understand that.

I feel a lack of confidence because I still have a ton of things to do.

Here you are.