I lost my trust in him.

Children are fond of adventure.

They boil water to drink it.

They found her.

I paid for it already.

When should we check out?

The nurse was a witch, though the king did not know it.

Skip has been in an accident.

Amedeo looks like John.


I'm not lucky.


If you feel there are several possible translations, note that for the same sentence, you can add several translations in the same language.


My family comes before my career.

I'll tell you how to deal with Florian.

Extremes meet.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

Are you trying to hit on me?

Saumya is always candid.

The agitator is inclined to exaggerate trivial matters.

China is a great country.

There is no other choice.

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Where on earth is Devon?

It was careless of you to miss the bus.

Tung oil is made from the seeds of the Tung tree.

We have to buy water from Malaysia.

The young nurse fell in love with a patient.


Ramsey has been in Boston since 2003.

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We dreamed of Santa Claus, or if we awoke in the night, we listened for the jingling of his sleigh-bells.


Take me to him.

Konstantinos gave Lynn John's phone number.

Has he become crazy?

I'm fed up with Kee's behavior.

Tokyo has a population of over ten million.

I hope I'm wrong about you.

Kimmo didn't get a chance.


I want to go to school.

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How long's all this been here?

The expansion of the universe is speeding up.

You have a good chance to get well.

It was very dark inside the room.

We may not win tomorrow.

I'm not a hipster.

Do you want to end up like them?

What's on Fox Movies?

How could you resist him?


If my plane doesn't crash, and if I do not get kidnapped by organ thieves, I will drop you a line at the beginning of the week.

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If you don't stop, I'll tell mom.

He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper.

She got good grades in English.


Would you mind if I turned the TV on?

I have to get him home.

Let's always be friends.


Owen was walking down the street with Kory at his side.


What's the fastest way out of here?

I'll be by your side, no matter what.

The Japanese are as hardworking as any people in the world.

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Why is he looking at me?

Your shoes are muddy.

Kelly will appear on TV.


Bart keeps a dream journal which she writes in every morning as soon as she wakes up.

He is a war orphan.

"Open this door right now." "Go away!"

I thought over my future.

They're older than her.

This is your key.

Do you know who took the call?

We have to make a choice.

I don't want to hear anything about her.

I see you've never slept with a cat.

I will stay in New York for five days.

Have any of you seen Bobbie?

I still can't understand that.

Your composition is very good, and it has few mistakes.

Get started.


I haven't seen her in months.

Nothing is impossible for the gods.

I was told that Connie has moved to Boston.

Presley is the best basketball player I've ever seen.

Are you a geocacher?

I think Jong is acting a little suspicious.

I'm going to lay aside that money for emergencies.


Show must go on!

You did wrong to refuse his help.

He seldom, if ever, goes to see the movies.


Take care of yourself, and have a good time!


I don't sleep so much.

Jared has never been sick before.

They could not agree on some parts of it.

You know Eric, don't you?

Pardon, do you have the time?

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That's big enough.

You look tired.

Industrial wastes pollute the earth.

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The intelligence minster said they had solid evidence that the terrorists had come from a friendly country.

Can you please help me for just a minute?

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.

Loren was in time for his appointment.

When was the last time you saw Marlena?

The workers were laid off for three weeks.

You speak a perfect Italian.

Why don't you go ask Theo?

There is a hospital in the town.

Do you remember what song it was that Nicolo sang at our wedding?

The wind blows.


Antonella opened the closet and hung up his coat.

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A nurse came and gave me bread and coffee, but the bread was dry and the coffee tasted soapy.


Clem must have seen where Farouk went.

Vivek was here yesterday.

It doesn't matter to him.


I know exactly when that happened.


She used her husband's credit card.

Great bulk does not always mean great weight.

The company accepted his application.

Will Typhoon No. 12 hit the Kyushu district?

I am accustomed to eating this sort of food.

My TV set is almost 15 years old, but it still has a good picture.

I got cut.

There's no place to run.

I like them all.

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They bought quite a few books.


His letter enclosed a picture.


Do you want me to talk to them?

There are things I'd like to say but to butt in now would be what they call uncouth.

My boss is starting to get edgy.


You've invited your friends as well?


Italian wedding soup is a savory broth with green vegetables and little meatballs. Sometimes it also contains a variety of small pasta.

They all just looked at him.

What's your full name?

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We hurried to the train station.


I don't know why Sofia did what he did.

He felt sure that market is not necessarily free and open.

Within a month of going abroad, he became sick.


We heard the church bells.

Elvis knew who Trey's father was.

It wasn't mine.


I can't let you.

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He wants to ask Rodent for something.

Of course, I'll help.

He earned money by delivering newspapers.

I want to have sex with her.

I thought it was marvelous.

In the USA, opioids cause more deaths than traffic accidents.

The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

Your feelings are important.

I don't want to go with him.

A small bridge arched the stream.

Herve tried to change things.

She loves me more than him and she loves me more than he.

Most Native Americans in Mexico speak Spanish.

I'm taking off. See you tomorrow.

The bell announces the end of the classes.

He wanted to go to the beach.

War is not 'the best way of settling differences; it is the only way of preventing their being settled for you.

You should buy one for Susanne, too.

I think the worst is over now.

Loukas has been acting strange lately.

I don't quite believe what he says.


I don't quite follow, but it looks like it will prove tricky. Ergh.

I, too, am worried about him.

Why didn't you call out to anyone?

Are you from the bank?

The new final deadline is at 7 o'clock on June 10th.